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Testimonial – Mr Hodgson

Congratulations Mr Hodgson

1st, 2nd, 3rd Solway Federation from Appleby YB 1,805 birds

his 2nd and 3rd places are Gaby Vandenabeele/Jan Hooymans bred by Louella.

This Super Louella cross breed has been bringing in winners over the last 2 years.

Good luck for the rest of the season.

Continued success this time with Louella dirk van den Bulck.

1st Club, 4th Sec and 7th Federation from 2,140 birds with a grand daughter of Atomic Kittel, Kitt Alive and Super 78
3rd Club, 6th Sec and 9th Federation from 2,140 birds with a grand dtr of Atomic Kittel, Diamond Girl, Unique and Utopia.
7th Sec, 10th Frderation from 2,140 with a grand dtr of Unique, Utopia, Atomic Kittel and Special K

The Top 2 birds were split by another Louella bred pigeon from our Elizinger/Hooymans breeding winning
2nd Club, 5th Sec, 8th Federation.

I look forward to hearing future results.


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Congratulations Mr Alderson
4th Club, 17th Federation Newbold Verdon.
With a Roland Janssen bred by Louella and purchased in a kit of 10 young birds from us.

Congratulations Mr Thomas
4th Open, 2nd Sec SNFC Maidstone 2020 with a Louella Poortvliet X Veenstra
5th Open, 2nd Sec SNFC Maidstone 2021 with a Louella Pieter Veenstra
Both birds were purchased in a Kit of 10 Option 1 in 2018 and 2019

Congratulations Mr Flint
1st South West Galamorgan Fed Epsom 864 birds in 2021
Its nest mate was 6th South West Galamorgan Fed Epsom 864 birds in 2021
The sire is a Roland Janssen bred by Louella in 2020

Congratulations Theophilus and Richards on your 1st Welsh National Ramsgate winner.
Bred from 2 Gaby Vandenabeeles purchased in a kit of 10 in 2017.

Congratulations A Johns and Son
Winning 1st Club by 13 minuets, 2nd Federation, 6th Cornish Combine 956 birds.
With a Braspenning Cock who’s sire was bred by Louella. This is the 5th first Prize the sire has bred.

Congratulations Mr Hargreaves
1st Club, 3rd Fed, 3rd West Pennine Amalgamation 835 birds.
Bred by Louella and purchased in a young bird Kit of .Jan Hooyman/Gaby Vandenabeele
From a son of Daydream Harry and Little Loz both grand children of Harry. When paired Blue Bett direct Import from Theo Weythens bred via the line of Rudy.

and 1st Club Yeovil, 1st Club Weymouth and Bird of the year.
Bred by Louella and purchased in a young bird Kit of .Jan Hooyman/Gaby Vandenabeele
From a son of Daydream Harry and Little Loz both grand children of Harry. When paired to a full sister to Urus 3rd Silver Race Algarve One Loft Race 2019.

Congratulations Mr Tockley
Winning 1st Combine Guernsey 200 miles.
With a hen who’s dam is a direct daughter of Louella Eli’s Bliksem.

Congratulations Mr Harvey
On winning 1st and 2nd Open Guernsey BICC Young Birds National 1,901 birds.
His 2nd Open, 2nd West Sec was won with a hen who’s dam is a double grand daughter of Louella’s European Bull.

2021 has been a tough racing year with many losses for a lot of fanciers.
But we would love to hear from anyone who has been successful with Louella Young Birds or Louella Stock.

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The Gutsy Hen

Congratulations Kev Kingston and Family

The Gutsy Hen.
Bred and raced by Kev Kingston and Family.

Winner of:
2nd Sec 8th Open MNFC Carenton 311 miles 1243 ypm

3rd Sec 51st Open BICC Falaise 338 miles 1081 ypm

41st Sec 290th Open  NFC Countances 331 miles 947 ypm

63rd Sec 154th Open MNFC Chale 224 miles 1561 ypm

Both parents bred by Louella. The sire is a Leo Pronk and trhe dam is Hubert Jongen.

Well done on your fantastic results.


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Algarve International One Loft Golden Race 2020

Algarve International One Loft Golden Race 2020. 496.2Km

Louella Gaby Vandenabeele Concorde 48th International, 3rd UK Open
100% Vandenabeele bred direct from a pair of our most recent imports

Neptune Jack X Rudy’s Ruby

We are delighted with the performances of our Vandenabeele’s in this most difficult final race. From a possible 10 we have 7 arrivals.
With still more than 900 birds missing, On writing this report.

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New for 2021

New for 2021 

We are thrilled to announce a new arrival at Louella, the fabulous Kittalive, the super racer breeder

Winner of
1.   Weert                                            729 p
2.   Weert Provincial                        5,785 p
2.   Weert Provincial                        5,552 p
3.   Vervins Provincial                      8,753 p
3.   Weert Provincial                        1,328 p
4.   Quievrain Provincial                 10,570 p
8.   Venlo                                             1,703 p
21. Chimay Provincial                      3,809 p
26. Deurne Provincial                     4,299 p
26. Rethel Provincial                       3,828 p
42. Rethel Provincial                       9,673 p
65. Venlo Provincial                         4,429 p
71. Chimay Provincial                      9,460 p
82. Tongeren Provincial                  9,745p

Sire: Son of Brother Kittel x Daughter of Brother Goede Rode 

Dam: Daughter of Brother Bolt x Daughter of Gilbert 

 Kittalive, mother of
1.   Venlo             3,696 p
1.   Swidwin        3,610 p
2.   Starogard      341 p
6.   Deurne          4,299 p
10. Arlon              973 p
Co winner of 1st National Champion YL 2019, Germany
9. National Ace Cock 2019, Germany (13/13)

Proposed pairings for 2021

This super hen was purchased to further strengthen our family of Van den Bulck’s, which include ATOMIC KITTEL, a direct son of KITTEL.  KITTALIVE will be paired to ATOMIC KITTEL  during the 2021 season.

She will also be paired to GOLDEN GLOW, a direct son of SKITTEL x GOLD DUST (the best breeding sister of KITTEL in the world.)

And UNIQUE, a direct son of BANKSEY and ANGELINA. Stock from this pairing are much sought after and sell for high prices.

A limited amount of stock will be offered for sale during 2021. All enquiries welcome.

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Congratulations Mark Brady

News generic thumbnail

Winning in 2019

145 miles, 11th club 336 birds

176 miles, 13th club 271 birds

162 miles, 1st club 171 birds, 24th fed, 441 birds

190 miles, 4th club, 15 fed, 1174 birds

145 miles, 6th club, 147 birds

First race 2020

190 miles, 3rd club, 268 birds, 15th fed 1020 birds

With a 17 bred Pieter Veenstra brought in a Kit of 10 from Louella

Bred via the lines of Blue Pieter, Dolce Award, Dante and Dolce Luce.

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Another Fantastic long-distance win for Walter Boswell

After much success with Silver Award winner Louella Jenna
Sire – 19yr old son of De Barcelona van der Wegan
Dam – The Spin Hen, Kuypers Bros Spin lines gifted to Mr Boswell by Michael Massarella.
He carried on the winning thread with her children, with
Lady Helen, who flew 1,488 miles in a 3 week period winning SNFC Silver Award 2018
SNFC Record  for 3 cross Channel races in 3 consecutive weeks
3rd Sec, 10th Open SNFC Liege 2018
19th Sec SNFC Ypres 2018
2nd Sec 33rd Open SNFC Roye 2018
She was voted Bird of the Year in 2018 winning the Dewer Trophy.
In 2019 she flew 5 cross channel races narrowly missing out on the SNFC Gold Award.
And Louella Mary winning 3rd Sec, 30th Open Roye National and Silver Award in 2019
Well, Lady Helen is back winning in 2020 with 2nd West Sec, 11th Open Reims 567 miles with just under 1,500 birds racing. Winning £1,700.


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Sprinting Success for Walter Boswell

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Louella Ellie Jacob Poortvliet purchased in a kit of 10 in 2019 from Louella. Bred via the best Poortvliet lines including Wonder Diba and Magic Wonder.
Won in 2020
1st Club, 1st West Sec, 4th Open Dunbar 3,684 b.
3rd Club, 8th West Sec, 35th Open Melton Mowbray 2,000 b.
1st Club, 2nd Sec, 8th Open kettering 791 b. winning £300.

Another superb start to the season. Well done Walter.