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Algarve International One Loft Golden Race 2020

Algarve International One Loft Golden Race 2020. 496.2Km

Louella Gaby Vandenabeele Concorde 48th International, 3rd UK Open
100% Vandenabeele bred direct from a pair of our most recent imports

Neptune Jack X Rudy’s Ruby

We are delighted with the performances of our Vandenabeele’s in this most difficult final race. From a possible 10 we have 7 arrivals.
With still more than 900 birds missing, On writing this report.

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New for 2021

New for 2021 

We are thrilled to announce a new arrival at Louella, the fabulous Kittalive, the super racer breeder

Winner of
1.   Weert                                            729 p
2.   Weert Provincial                        5,785 p
2.   Weert Provincial                        5,552 p
3.   Vervins Provincial                      8,753 p
3.   Weert Provincial                        1,328 p
4.   Quievrain Provincial                 10,570 p
8.   Venlo                                             1,703 p
21. Chimay Provincial                      3,809 p
26. Deurne Provincial                     4,299 p
26. Rethel Provincial                       3,828 p
42. Rethel Provincial                       9,673 p
65. Venlo Provincial                         4,429 p
71. Chimay Provincial                      9,460 p
82. Tongeren Provincial                  9,745p

Sire: Son of Brother Kittel x Daughter of Brother Goede Rode 

Dam: Daughter of Brother Bolt x Daughter of Gilbert 

 Kittalive, mother of
1.   Venlo             3,696 p
1.   Swidwin        3,610 p
2.   Starogard      341 p
6.   Deurne          4,299 p
10. Arlon              973 p
Co winner of 1st National Champion YL 2019, Germany
9. National Ace Cock 2019, Germany (13/13)

Proposed pairings for 2021

This super hen was purchased to further strengthen our family of Van den Bulck’s, which include ATOMIC KITTEL, a direct son of KITTEL.  KITTALIVE will be paired to ATOMIC KITTEL  during the 2021 season.

She will also be paired to GOLDEN GLOW, a direct son of SKITTEL x GOLD DUST (the best breeding sister of KITTEL in the world.)

And UNIQUE, a direct son of BANKSEY and ANGELINA. Stock from this pairing are much sought after and sell for high prices.

A limited amount of stock will be offered for sale during 2021. All enquiries welcome.