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Congratulations Mark Brady

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Winning in 2019

145 miles, 11th club 336 birds

176 miles, 13th club 271 birds

162 miles, 1st club 171 birds, 24th fed, 441 birds

190 miles, 4th club, 15 fed, 1174 birds

145 miles, 6th club, 147 birds

First race 2020

190 miles, 3rd club, 268 birds, 15th fed 1020 birds

With a 17 bred Pieter Veenstra brought in a Kit of 10 from Louella

Bred via the lines of Blue Pieter, Dolce Award, Dante and Dolce Luce.

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Another Fantastic long-distance win for Walter Boswell

After much success with Silver Award winner Louella Jenna
Sire – 19yr old son of De Barcelona van der Wegan
Dam – The Spin Hen, Kuypers Bros Spin lines gifted to Mr Boswell by Michael Massarella.
He carried on the winning thread with her children, with
Lady Helen, who flew 1,488 miles in a 3 week period winning SNFC Silver Award 2018
SNFC Record  for 3 cross Channel races in 3 consecutive weeks
3rd Sec, 10th Open SNFC Liege 2018
19th Sec SNFC Ypres 2018
2nd Sec 33rd Open SNFC Roye 2018
She was voted Bird of the Year in 2018 winning the Dewer Trophy.
In 2019 she flew 5 cross channel races narrowly missing out on the SNFC Gold Award.
And Louella Mary winning 3rd Sec, 30th Open Roye National and Silver Award in 2019
Well, Lady Helen is back winning in 2020 with 2nd West Sec, 11th Open Reims 567 miles with just under 1,500 birds racing. Winning £1,700.


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Sprinting Success for Walter Boswell

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Louella Ellie Jacob Poortvliet purchased in a kit of 10 in 2019 from Louella. Bred via the best Poortvliet lines including Wonder Diba and Magic Wonder.
Won in 2020
1st Club, 1st West Sec, 4th Open Dunbar 3,684 b.
3rd Club, 8th West Sec, 35th Open Melton Mowbray 2,000 b.
1st Club, 2nd Sec, 8th Open kettering 791 b. winning £300.

Another superb start to the season. Well done Walter.